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From a boarding school to one of the most modern conference hotels

Lufthansa has been making educational history in Seeheim since almost 40 years now. In 1973 the German airline company moved the training centre for its employees from Hamburg to the Bergstrasse. From the very beginning other companies and institutions also took advantage of the good infrastructure of Lufthansa’s training centre in order to hold conferences and meetings of their own. The most famous example is the so-called “Seeheimer Kreis” – an associa-tion of SPD members of the Federal Parliament – that was founded there in 1978 and used the conference hotel until 1984.

At the beginning of the 1990s the building was extended and renamed the “Klaus-Bonhoeffer-Haus”. Bonhoeffer was the Manager of Lufthansa’s legal department during the period of National Socialism.  The resistance fighter was murdered by SS-soldiers in 1945.

Lufthansa invests 100 million euros

In times of growing competition, Lufthansa once again declares further training to be a strategic factor. In the “Lufthansa School of Business”, the first “Corporate University” in Germany, both up-and-coming and management personnel receive their training.

But in the new millennium the demands upon learning are increasing rapidly. Instead of an expensive renovation of the more than 30 year-old building, Lufthansa decided in 2006 in favour of a more economical new building at the same location. After a construction time of two years the Lufthansa Training & Conference Centre Seeheim opened at the beginning of 2009. It is one of the biggest and most modern conference hotels in Europe. Lufthansa invested around 100 million euros in this new building.

Lufthansa Seeheim chronologically

1973       Lufthansa opens its international training centre in Seeheim
1978       SPD-members of parliament found the “Seeheimer Kreis”
1990       Extension of the building and its renaming in “Klaus-Bonhoeffer-Haus”
1992       Lufthansa also opens its educational centre for external guests
1998       Seeheim becomes the centre of the “Lufthansa School of Business“, the first

               “Corporate University” in Germany
2006       Closure and demolition of the educational centre
2007       Beginning of building work on the new “Lufthansa Training & Conference Centre

               Seeheim”, founding of the operating company
2008       Topping out ceremony
2009       The “Lufthansa Training & Conference Centre Seeheim” opens in spring
2013       Lufthansa Seeheim is celebrating its 40th anniversary in december
2016       New Branding  "Lufthansa Seeheim - More than a Conference Hotel"