Special Edition Wines

An exquisite choice

Every year, Lufthansa Seeheim presents the special edition wines that are more than just “a good house wine”. This year, our tradition of epicurean highlights continues with our new Edition No. 16.

The Selection

“Only the best for our guests” is the first principle of the team that takes part in the tasting. The perfect wine must be selected from a variety of  wines: It should be an ideal accompaniment for different types of occasions, crafted using traditional methods, in line with current trends, and excellent value for money.

The wines are selected for their appeal and distinctive character: uncontrived, creative, yet still in touch with their heritage. Only the highest quality and expertise, with an added dash of nonchalance, result in the sensitivity for wine that is reflected our wine editions.

The team is led by the head of food service and catering as well as by a certified wine specialist. Both provide expert guidance throughout the tasting and introduce potential wines to the two chief executives as well as to their colleagues from banquet services, purchasing, and the sales department. They provide extensive information, which is researched meticulously in advance.

After analysing and rating the appearance, smell, and taste of the wines, the whole team reaches an overall rating and selects the wines for the coming year’s edition.

White wine

Seeheim Wine Edition
No. 16 White, Cuvée

Pinot Blanc, Scheurebe, Silvaner, Sauvignon Blanc

Growing Area & Winemaker
Weinolsheim, Rheinhessen

Fascination – Passion – Craft: this is what drives the Manz Winery. The Manz family has been practicing the craft since 1725, their passion is called winemaking and winemaking is fascination. In Weinolsheim and the surrounding villages, the family cultivates 25 hectares of vineyards. The claim is highest quality and originality: wines that taste entirely of Manz.

Our Edition 16 White combines the best qualities of four carefully selected grape varieties. The elegant cuvée is characterised by fruity aromas of cassis, apricot and white peach and has a mineral and pleasant freshness.

LH Seeheim Wein
Rosé wine

Seeheim Wine Edition No. 16 Rosé, Cuvée

Pinot Noir, Merlor, Portugieser

Growing Area & Winemaker
Nahe, Pfalz.

Anette Closheim: One woman, one wine, one passion. At her family’s winery, she cultivates highly ripe grapes into a puristic wine collection. You can taste the quality standards with which the winemaker nurtures each grape.

Our Edition 16 Rosé by Anette Closheim is an exclusive cuvée that seduces with the scent of red summer fruits. Whether enjoyed on its own or with a barbecue, with flavours of cherry, blackcurrant and strawberry, this aromatic rosé is perfect for any occasion.

Red wine

Seeheim Wine Edition
No. 16 Red, Cuvée

Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Growing Area & Winemaker
Unterland, South Tyrol.

50 years of experience, discipline and energy: the Azienda Vinicola Castelfeder winery, run by the Giovanett family in the third generation, manifests its essence from a symbiosis of tradition and pioneering spirit on 70 hectares of vineyards.

Our Edition 16 Red by Castelfeder is a cuvée that shines in a bright red colour. With a complex bouquet of dried fruit and cherry, the wine impresses with its powerful structure and elegance.