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26.02.2020   General
Coolest Conference Room 2020

The readers of the Magazin “TopHotel” have been able to vote for the “Coolest Conference Room 2020” over the last few months. And now it’s official – our Think Terminal is the “Coolest Meeting Room 2020” in Germany. We would like to say “Thank you” to everyone who voted for our Think Terminal. If you don’t know our Think Terminal, come and try it out – we look forward to seeing you!

24.02.2020   General
3 good reasons ...

…  – a great success! Act sustainably and do good. With us, every guest has had the option of renouncing the cleaning of their room during a stay of several days.

The donation amount from the year 2019 of € 20,556 has been handed over to help alliance. The help alliance is the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group and its employees. We are very happy that this campaign is so successful!

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