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No matter wether you are planning a conference, convention, banquet, seminar or workshop, or a meeting that requires a lot of privacy, the Lufthansa Seeheim Conference Hotel offers ideal conditions for a successful event.


One of the most modern conference hotels in Germany, it is ideally connected to the Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar metropolitan regions, yet situated in the natural landscape of the Bergstraße-Odenwald Nature Park, just a 30-minute drive from Frankfurt am Main. Attendees from all around the world can enjoy the highest levels of conference quality, hospitality and a wide range of options for a varied supporting program, which allows for successful communication and a continued boost to team spirit even once the event itself is over.

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Our lobby shop is well-stocked and offers an extensive selection of goods at attractive prices. For example, guests can find Lufthansa souvenirs, perfumes and cosmetics, sweets, jewelry and daily papers.

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Monday to Friday:
7:00 am – 9:30 am and 10:30 am – 02:00 pm

Tuesday + Thursday:
Additionally 04:00 pm – 08:00 pm


Architecture and nature interact to form an integrated whole

Meeting in nature: smooth transitions between architecture and nature determine the structural concept of Lufthansa Seeheim. As soon as they enter the glass foyer, guests are treated to an immediate impression of the park’s scenery.

The architectural complex is clearly structured according to the central functions of lodging, training and communication: the delicate metal and glass facades of the two offset, L-shaped volumes of the hotel are contrasted with the natural stone of the building’s base, which houses the training and seminar areas. This terraced section blends into the surrounding natural environment, secluded from the bustle of the lobby and restaurants.


67,000 square meters of floor area
The architects have managed to incorporate the building with its 67,000 square meters of gross floor area into the hillside with a harmonious staggering of the different levels. Lufthansa Seeheim has a height of almost 55 meters and a total of 14 levels. The glass facades, floor-to-ceiling windows and generous terraces of the restaurants and training rooms lend the house an air of openness. This is what the Lufthansa Seeheim Conference Hotel sees as its purpose: connecting people in an intercultural, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Geothermal energy – for nature’s sake
Our architects took nature into consideration with more than just the design. The operation of the conference hotel is environmentally friendly. For example, the outdoor facilities are irrigated using rainwater retention basins.

The ecological highlight, however, is found in the geothermal facilities: by using geothermal energy, only 25 percent of the usual electricity is required for one hundred percent of our warmth. This substantially reduces CO₂ emissions. What’s more: in summer, cold water from the geothermal storage tanks reduces the need for air-conditioning.

Certified Green Hotel

Naturally certified:
the conference hotel

Today, business travellers and event attendees don’t just require high standards of equipment and service. They increasingly also expect sustainable and eco-friendly hotel management. To meet these expectations, the Lufthansa Seeheim Conference Hotel is subject to periodic testing by the Certified Green Hotel association – ensuring:

– reduction of water and power consumption
– avoidance of packaging waste
– responsible conduct (CSR)

Sustainably good
Lufthansa Seeheim