Green meetings

Our sustainability guiding principles

The Lufthansa Group manages its companies in a value-oriented manner with a central responsibility for the climate, the environment and social justice. With the help of numerous measures, Lufthansa Seeheim is also continuously working to meet the growing demand for meetings, training and conferences with social and ecological responsibility. Our goal is to integrate conscious action in all areas of the company into the daily activities of the management and all employees in order to sustainably increase the ecological efficiency of the conference hotel’s operations.

Sustainably good

Certified, of course!

Transparency regarding sustainability towards our guests and stakeholders is very important to us. We have therefore opted for a sustainability certification with the German market leader GreenSign.

The internationally recognised certification has been specially developed for the hotel industry, is practical and is based on high standards in accordance with EMAS and DIN ISO 14001. Furthermore, the certification catalogue, which examines eight core areas for sustainable management, is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

We are proud that Lufthansa Seeheim has been certified with GreenSign Hotel Level 4 out of 5 and are delighted to have a renowned partner at our side in GreenSign.

GreenSign Certificate Lufthansa Seeheim

We also undergo regular inspections by the Certified Green Hotel Association, through which we have been awarded the Certified sustainability label.

GreenSign Wertung
For your information

Our sustainability actions

At Lufthansa Seeheim, both meetings in the green and green meetings are possible. We are constantly working on taking social and ecological responsibility with our actions. You can find some of our numerous measures in this list.

Energy savings

  • Use of thermal insulation in walls and windows
  • Daylight in all conference rooms and thus energy savings
  • Use of green electricity
  • Use of LED lighting and energy-saving lamps
  • Use of digital timers and motion detectors

Water savings

  • Use of flow restrictors and energy-saving aerators for all water connections and washbasins, aerators in shower heads
  • Change of bed linen/towels only at the guest’s request
  • Rainwater retention basin for the watering of the park
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Regular monitoring of consumption and implementation of appropriate measures

Purchase of sustainable products


  • Use of regional and seasonal foods
  • Use of products from organic farming
  • Preferential purchase of fish with MSC label and meat from animal-welfare
  • Regional purchase of mineral water

Our sustainability actions

Reduction and avoidance of waste

  • Use of large pack sizes
  • Cleaning and care products in dispenser systems
  • Use of reusable packaging whenever possible
  • Avoiding portion packaging

Promotion of sustainable mobility

  • E-charging stations for the electric cars of our guests (in 2023: expansion from two to 14 charging stations)
  • Free shuttle bus between the hotel and the airport to avoid individual journeys by taxi/car
  • Rental options for bicycles and e-bikes

Assumption of social responsibility

  • Possibility of diverse working time models
  • Employment of staff from over 30 nations
  • Lived diversity management in the company
  • Internal and external training for employees
  • Preventive medical check-ups for employees
  • Participation in regional and social projects
  • Ensuring accessibility in the building
  • Annual implementation and evaluation of staff surveys